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Dear friends in learning,

We, the undersigned, educators, authors and illustrators need your help and we need it fast.

Approximately 800,000 children and young adults are at risk of incarceration and deportation because of the Trump Administration’s unjustified and swift cancellation of the DACA program. Of those 800,000, approximately 20,000 are teachers at risk of deportation. The cancellation of TPS programs will cause another 100,000+ refugees to be deported after living, working, and raising families in the United States.

As educators and authors, we know both speech and silence are political acts. We believe we have a duty to the children we serve through our writing, art, teaching, and example to raise our voices in rejection of this administration’s racist agenda. We believe we must collectively act.

We commit to demanding a “Clean” Dream Act and the extension of TPS for all holders. We ask that you join us and pressure your Congressional representatives to do the same.

We ask that you join us in three very specific ways:

1. Commit to Call/Write congress EVERY DAY through December 15th. 

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Congress goes on recess December 15th. Daily pressure matters, this is an emergency.

Congressional Switchboard (call your reps using your zip code): (202) 224-3121

“Resist Bot” (send faxes to your reps via text messaging) text “Resist” to 50409

2. Every day, after you call/write: Publicize. Use #DreamForOurStudents and #DreamActNow on social media.

This page (click here) has logos you may download and use. You may also include #HereToStay or #SaveTPS.

3. Connect, follow, donate, and/or show-up for immigrant rights organizations. A few we recommend are on this page (click here).

We use our words, images, and lessons to change minds. We must also use them to change our country.

Together in the fight.



Christopher Lehman, The Educator Collaborative

Ellen Oh, We Need Diverse Books

Margarita Engle, Young People’s Poet Laureate

Nancie Atwell, educator and author

Ellin Keene, educator and author

Katherine Bomer, educator and author

Phil Bildner, author

Antero Garcia, Assistant Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education

Penny Kittle, educator and author

Elizabeth Acevedo, poet and author

Molly B. Burnham, author

Kristin Ziemke, Big Shoulders Fund

Ruth Culham, educator and author

Donalyn Miller, Nerdy Book Club

Jose Vilson, EduColor

Alfredo Lujan, educator and author, Monte del Sol Charter School

Vicki Boyd, education advocate

Shelbie Witte, educator and journal editor

Samira Ahmed, author

R. Clarke Fowler, Chair of the department of Childhood Education and Care, Salem State University

Katie Muhtaris, educator and author

Sara Kajder, educator, author and journal editor

Nancy Steineke, educator and author

Val Brown, educator

April Halprin Wayland, author, educator and poet

Rita Meade, librarian and author

Dana Stachowiak, Assistant Professor, Watson College of Education, UNC Wilmington

Sonja Cherry-Paul, educator and author

Lois Bridges

Franki Sibberson, educator and author

JoEllen McCarthy, educator

Christina Soontornvat, author

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, educator, author, poet

Carla España, Bilingual Education Clinical Doctoral Lecturer, Hunter College, CUNY

Laura Robb, educator and author

Wendi Pillars, educator, author and illustrator

Michael Salinger, educator and author

Georgia Heard, educator, poet, and author

Shawna Coppola, educator and author

Jillian Heise, NBCT educator, and librarian

Adriana Sheinbaum, UCLA Lab School

Dana Alison Levy, author

Cody Miller, University of Florida

E. Katherine Kottraras, author and Assistant Professor, Pasadena City College

Jess Lifshitz, educator

Havery “Smokey” Daniels, educator and author

Dan Dooher, educator

Steph Harvey, educator and author

Sarah Darer Littman, author

Liz Garton Scanlon, author and educator

Susan Kuklin, PEN America, author

Roni Schotter, author

Debra Crouch, educator

Kathy Collins, educator and author

Sara Ahmed, educator and author

Samantha Bennett, educator and author

Allison Jackson, educator

Jennifer Williams, educator

Kathryn Erskine, author

Lee Ann Coffey, educator

Jean Dayton, literary booking agent

Kristen Picone, educator

Tricia Ebarvia, educator

Tanny McGregor, educator and author

Robin Holland, retired educator, Co-Director of the Columbus Area Writing Project

Steven Zemelman, Director, Illinois Writing Project

Heather Anderson, education advocate and editor

Kathy Bartelmay, Duke School

Michele Timble, educator

Heidi Rees, educator

Gloria Stewart-Kooper, educator and advocate

Rebecca Marsick, educator

Judy Wallis, educator

Jaclyn Karabinas, educator


>Download a copy of this letter to print or share (click here)<

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